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Human Resources Solutions in China by Avegrande Consulting & Int. Trading Co., Ltd.

Avegrande Consulting & Int. Trading Co., Ltd. understands the pressing concerns faced by organizations in China when it comes to talent acquisition and business growth. To address these challenges, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the corporate landscape. Our suite of services includes executive search, the innovative “Young Profession Attachment (YPA)” program, corporate training, and HR outsourcing services. By leveraging our bespoke offerings, clients can alleviate their management and administrative burdens while empowering them to build a high-performing workforce.

Executive Search Excellence

Our esteemed Executive Search Division specializes in identifying and placing exceptional candidates for international companies experiencing rapid growth and well-funded startups operating in China and Hong Kong. Our talent pool consists of strategic leaders, hands-on managers, and individuals capable of successfully overseeing large-scale operations or entire companies.

With a shared mission to help clients identify and secure top-tier talents for driving business growth and achieving corporate objectives, our seasoned executive search consultants possess a collective two decades of experience in HR, training, staffing, and recruitment across Hong Kong and mainland China. Drawing on their expertise, they provide pragmatic recruitment advice and tailor-made solutions, ensuring optimal candidate alignment while minimizing hiring risks and costs.

Comprehensive Expertise

We possess extensive proficiency in key functional areas, including general management, sales, marketing, merchandising, finance and accounting, human resources, engineering, information technology, production, sourcing, and quality.

Unparalleled Industry Acumen

Our expertise extends across diverse industries, such as manufacturing, consumer and retail, financial services, property development, information technology and telecommunications, internet/e-commerce, human resources, logistics, and supply chain management.

Key Service Features

By engaging our Executive Search services, clients can expect the following distinctive features:

– A dedicated project team comprising highly skilled consultants and research specialists based in Greater China.
– Expert guidance in crafting job descriptions and candidate profiles that resonate with industry demands.
– Timely updates on compensation and benefits trends, as well as relevant labor laws and regulations.
– Methodical candidate search, meticulous screening, and shortlisting processes, leading to targeted interviews.
– Skillful facilitation of salary negotiations between clients and prospective candidates.
– Valuable assistance in preparing job offers and employment contracts, ensuring clarity and compliance.
– Strategic counsel on recruitment and people management strategies, tailored to optimize organizational outcomes.

Client-Centric Advantages of Our Executive Search Services

Recognizing that securing the right talent is crucial for achieving organizational goals, Avegrande Consulting & Int. Trading Co., Ltd. operates as a true partner, fully understanding the significance of speed and quality in driving business success. Throughout the hiring journey, our seasoned experts provide professional guidance and unwavering support, working hand-in-hand with clients to expedite the search process, reduce their efforts, and increase their chances of securing the best-suited candidate. Furthermore, we excel at streamlining recruitment preparatory work, allowing clients to focus on strategic matters. This comprehensive approach translates into substantial cost savings, mitigating hiring risks to the bare minimum.

Our Methodical Search and Selection Process

Preliminary Steps

1. Initial Client Meeting: An in-depth discussion to review hiring needs, client expectations, and the scope of the search assignment. This includes a comprehensive analysis of job requirements, client company background, and organizational culture.

2. Service Proposition: Presenting a detailed Service Proposal and Consulting Agreement for the client’s review. All search assignments are undertaken on an exclusive retainer basis.

3. Job Description: Collaboratively preparing, reviewing, and seeking approval for the job description from the client or hiring manager.

4. Acceptance: The client agrees and signs the Consulting Agreement, initiating the search assignment upon receipt of the retainer payment.

The Search

1. Target Pool: Conducting targeted research and identification efforts to build a robust candidate pool within specific fields, industries, professions, and functions. We leverage our extensive Sino-Bridge candidate database, vast network of contacts, and relevant source networks.

2. Potential Candidates: Qualifying candidates through thorough telephone and/or video interviews.

3. Short-listed Candidates: Conducting face-to-face interviews led by the assigned consultant, along with preliminary background and reference investigations for the short-listed candidates.

4. Recommendations: Presenting an interview report that includes comments and assessments from the lead consultant, enabling the client to make informed decisions regarding interview considerations.

The Selection Process

1. Client Interview: Collaborating with the client to review short-listed candidates and facilitate interview arrangements.

2. Finalist Screening: Identifying finalists for comprehensive background and reference checks.

3. Compensation/Employment Advisory: Engaging in discussions with the client regarding candidate compensation packages, employment terms, and providing updates on regulatory requirements in China.


1. Offer: The lead consultant extends a verbal job offer to the selected candidate on behalf of the client, supporting final negotiations before mutual acceptance.

2. Acceptance: The client prepares a written offer and letter of appointment for acceptance by the successful candidate.

3. Follow-up: Conducting a thorough Client Satisfaction Survey, involving feedback from the client, hiring manager, successful candidate, and candidates selected for client interviews. Upon confirmation of employment, the client settles the remaining balance payment for the search fee.

By partnering with Avegrande Consulting & Int. Trading Co., Ltd., clients gain access to an unrivaled suite of executive search services that enable them to secure exceptional talent while driving organizational success.

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